Effect of Twelve-Week Yoga Intervention on Stress and Anxiety in School Going Children


  • Punam Pradhan Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Faculty of Inter-disciplinary and Applied Sciences, University of Delhi, India https://orcid.org/0009-0003-7410-4419
  • Tarak Nath Pramanik Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, University of Delhi, India https://orcid.org/0009-0008-9322-6776




yoga intervention, stress, anxiety, pranayamas, asanas, male students


Purpose. The purpose of the study was to examine the effect of twelve-week yogic practices on stress and anxiety in school going male students.

Material & Methods. A total of 30 males, aged (15.5±2.40 years) from senior secondary school were selected as subjects. The subjects were divided into two groups of fifteen each (n=15) randomly. The experimental group underwent yogic practices (asanas & pranayamas) for a period of twelve-week and control group followed a normal routine. The training intervention was for forty-five minutes, six days a week. Stress was assessed by the perceived stress scale and anxiety was assessed by Ducklow’s anxiety questionnaire. A pre-post assessment protocol was employed to determine the effect of a twelve-week yogic practice intervention.

Results. Unadjusted post hoc comparison between covariate adjusted means revealed a significant difference in anxiety between the experimental, Madj=24.7, SEadj=0.78 and control, Madj=31.70, SEadj=0.78 groups after twelve-week of yoga intervention, p<0.001, d=2.35, 95% CI [3.36, 1.33]. A significant difference was also observed between experimental, Madj=24.5, SEadj=0.43 and control, Madj=26.5, SEadj=0.43 groups in stress after treatment, p=0.004, d=1.15, 95% CI [1.97, 0.33].

Conclusions. Yogic practices (asanas & pranayamas) are beneficial in reducing the stress and anxiety of school going male students. It may be used as a protocol for the maintenance of sound mental health, wellness and fitness.


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