Comparative effects of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation [TENS] along with therapeutic exercises and theraband exercises on pain, disability and muscle strength in knee osteoarthritis




theraband, TENS, knee osteoarthritis, pain, disability, muscle strength


Purpose: to examined the effects of resistance exercise using the theraband on the pain and function of patients with degenerative knee arthritis.

Material & Methods: thirty patients with degenerative knee arthritis were classified into an one group of 20 patients on whom resistance exercise using the elastic band was applied and a other group of 20 patients on whom conventional physical therapy was delivered. Both groups received treatments three times a week for four weeks. Pain and disability and function were measured by the WOMAC index and muscle strength was evaluated by the Oxford scale on 1st day and after 4th week to follow-up the treatment.

Results: the intragroup comparison Table 2, showed significant improvements in WOMAC index and Oxford scale in both groups. In the intergroup comparison after treatment, the group-2 showed significantly changes in the values with respect to pre to post intervention WOMAC index score; 33.7250±3.61879 to14.1800±1.76355 than the group-1 32.2305±7.88301 to 18.4400±2.62546. Furthermore there were significant improvement in Oxford scale score i.e. 2.6000±.50262 to 4.5000±.51299 found in group-2 than group-1 i.e. 2.4500±.51042 to 3.6000±.50262.

Conclusion: the results suggest that resistance exercise using the theraband is an effective intervention for the pain and function of patients with degenerative knee arthritis.


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