The effect of radiofrequency treatment on insulin resistance in obese post-menopausal women: a randomized controlled trial




Menopause, Insulin resistance, Central abdominal obesity, Radiofrequency



Purpose: Obese post-menopausal women commonly develop insulin resistance due to a lack of estrogen hormone during menopause. Central abdominal fat and its related cardiovascular diseases are the consequences of insulin resistance. So, it represents a significant medical and socioeconomic issue impacting women’s health and quality of life. To determine the effect of radiofrequency in the treatment of insulin resistance in obese post-menopausal women.

Material and Methods:  Fifty-two post-menopausal women who were diagnosed with insulin resistance and abdominal obesity, whose age ranged from 48 to 60 years old, participated in this study. They were recruited from El- Khalil Ebrahem Hospital in Hadaek El Maadi, Cairo. The patients were assigned randomly into two groups equal in number (A & B). Group (A), 26 patients who were treated with radiofrequency (twice/week/4 months), regular diet habits, and medical standard care for insulin resistance, while Group (B), 26 patients treated with regular diet habits and medical standard care for insulin resistance. Outcome measures, HOMA-IR and abdominal fat thickness were assessed prior to and after a four-month treatment duration for both groups.

Results: There was a statistical improvement in HOMA-IR (insulin resistance) and abdominal fat thickness within both groups (A & B) (p < 0.05). Post-treatment comparison revealed better improvement in favor of group A than group B (p < 0.001) respectively.

Conclusion: Adding radiofrequency to selected physical therapy program has improved insulin resistance and decreased abdominal fat in obese post-menopausal women.


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